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Prioritized Projects

Projects I’m Interested In:

  • Large scale pieces (Chest, back, sleeve, full leg)

  • Freehand pieces (these are pieces drawn directly on in skin marker at the beginning of the appointment and immediately tattooed) I have included the types of freehand pieces I work on here. Please don't just put "freehand" next to your idea unless you are looking for one of these specific kinds of freehand piece.

    • Abstractions (these freehand pieces are non-representational, meaning they are not meant to look like anything in particular)

    • Cataclysms (see my instagram posts: June 28, Nov. 22nd '21, and July 28th '22)

    • Large Botanicals (I love drawing plants on people!)

  • Skulls, Bones, Dead things

  • Pieces inspired by medieval and renaissance etchings, engravings and woodcuts (Inspired by, not direct copies usually)

  • Occult imagery

  • Demons

  • Garlic

  • Zombie animals

  • Strange sea creatures (Eel, angler fish, octopus, etc)

  • Crumbling buildings

  • Old houses (but only if they’re on a large scale)

  • Folklore 

  • Mythology (Especially Norse and Celtic lately, but I’m open to most mythology)

  • Monsters

  • Things with horns

  • Some antique objects (obscure tools, knives, etc.)


Projects I’m Not Interested In:

  • Very small things

  • Geometry

  • Most new Architecture 

  • Full Color tattoos

  • Script

  • Portraits

  • Most cartoons


Projects I won’t take on:

  • Designs that are culturally appropriative (coming from a culture you don’t have a connection to, without context other than “it looks cool”)

  • Words in languages that neither the client or I are fluent in

  • Designs based on another tattooer’s work

  • Designs found on pinterest

  • Anything copied directly (unless it is from a long dead artist, in which case I might consider it as a master copy)

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